The Taleghan Centeral Alborz Summits

Khass, Sefidab, Siakouh, Salbarf and Shahalborz Peaks

Khass Peak

Sefidab Peak

Siyakouh Peak

Salbarf Peak

ShahAlborz Peak

No. 5-Khass Peak, 4-Sefidab Peak, 3-Siyakouh Peak, 2-Salbarf Peak and 1- Shah Alborz Peak

Taleghan Centeral Alborz Summits, ShahAlborz peak in the east and Kass Peak in the west

The Taleghan Central Alborz Summits is the border between Taleghan (Alborz Province) and Alamoot (Qazvin province) in the north of Iran. It is such as great ridgeline and the more of 30 K.m. Some peaks over than 4000 m. elevation are here which from west to east, is named Khass, Sefidab, Siakouh, Salbarf and Shahalborz Peaks.

The Souhan village at the north of Taleghan Dam and northen summits - Google map

The Hassanjoon village (in the Taleghan) is starting point for south face of Shahalborz peak and also the Eivanak village (in the Alamoot) for north face. For west of above summits and Khass peak, it is from Aveh village in the Alamoot.

The Souhan village in the southern foothill of Kalleh Sang

But, there is an interactive route to Taleghan Central Alborz summits and the western peak that its name in local language, is Khass peak. The Kass peak is the more famous than other names such as Taleghan Peak, SefidKootool, SefidKool, SefidGhotoor or Alamoot Peak.

Left pic, in the top of Robaposhteh towards KallehSang
Right pic, in the west of KallehSang and Danekhani valley and spring

It is starting from Souhan village (2100 m. elevation) on the 20 K.m distance from the west of Shahrak (small town in the center of Taleghan) and at the 4 K.mon the north of Taleghn dam, toward the western south ridgeline of Khass peak. This route is an olden mountainous path from Souhan village in Taleghan toward Aveh village in Alamoot and then to the north of country (Sehezar summits and Tonkabon city).

From Goshani saddle to the north, KhoshkehChall pits and Rozhdeh peak

The distance of Souhan village until Khass peak is about 15 K.m and it is divided in two major sections. The first is from Souhan village until Malekhani valley, about 9K.m and the second from Malekhani until Khass peak.

In the Alengari Saddle towards the north, the Kass and Sefidab peaks

From Souhan village to Malekhani valley

The starting point is to the north of Souhan village and to the up, by climbing on the RobaPoshteh hill and forwards the Danekhani valley in the western south face of Kalleh Sang rocky summits in distance about 4 K.m from village.

Malekhani valley, in the right side is Rozhdeh peak

The olden path is towards the north in the ridgeline of Robaposhteh hill. Then there are many screws lines with high slope and in the top of hill, the way is straight and low slope to the north and we can see the southern peak of KallehSang and also the dam and lake of Taleghan in the south. Then small rocky ridgeline that its name is Kokalekan or Kokalekani Boor and toward up and Derazchak hill and in the foothill of Danekhani hill.

From Malehkhani to Dalltapeh and Alamoot Saddle

There is a spring in valley and suitable for little resting and then for Goshani saddle. In the north of this saddle, there are two pits witch are named low and high KhoshkehChall. The olden way is forward the north and in the west of high KhoshkehChall. It is in the north of this area, the landslip foothill of south face of Rozhdeh peak.

The ridgeline from the south of Kass peak towards Dalltapeh, the Rozhdeh and kallehSang summits

Towards the Khass Peak

The olden path is towards the upper and the western north and high Kamkan mountains and in the north, is Alengari saddle which is separates Alhoochal mountains in west from Rozhdeh peak in east. In the saddle, we can see the both of Khass peak and eastern peak that is its name Sefidab peak in local.

The Kass Peak in the left and the Sefidab Peak in the right

After Alengari saddle is the Malekhani valley and there is famous Negar Cheshmeh (Negar spring) in it. This area is very suitable for camping, especially in night. It is very beautiful and with attention to various seasons, you can see very colored plants such as green or yellow or orange or even sun baked herbs. Also this way isn’t longsome because you move in various valleys, slopes, ridgelines and environment images are changing in the path of way.

From Khass peak towards the east, Sefidab until ShahAlborz peaks

The landslip impassable rims in the north of Khass peak

From Malekhani to Taleghan Central Alborz Summits

In the second section, from Malekhani valley or Negar Cheshmeh is starting toward the north, to the DallTappeh (Dall hill) valley and in the top of it there is Alamoot saddle that olden way to the north is going to Karehjoy spring and Aveh village. But in the eastern north side, there is long ridgelines untill the western south of Khass peak.

The west face of Sefidab peak

At the top of Khass peak, there is in the western point of the Central Alborz Mountains a long crest line toward the east and there are next peaks over of 4000 elevation which are named Sefidab, Siakouh, Salbarf and shahalborz peaks, in local language, that for rising toward them, Souhan village olden way, could be a suitable starting point.

From Sefidab peak towards the north, Alamoot valley and the Siyalan Peak

From Sefidab peak towards the east - Siyakouh, Salbarf and ShahAlborz Peaks

In the north face of Kass peak is about 70 m ridgeline (4000 m. elevation) towards the north and after it there are landslip impassable rims and some small glaciers which is good place for living the wild animals such as antelopes. Also they are reported that another wild animals as bear, wolf, tiger, eagle are seen in these mountains.

The group of antelopes (wild goats or muttons) in Taleghan central Alborz Summits

Siyakouh east face

The distance of the Khass peak (4090 m. elevation) until the eastern peak, Sefidab peak (4042 m. elevation) in local language, is about 1/1 K.m via saddle between them. The general characters of the north and the south of Khass and Sefidab peaks are similar. Although other peaks in Taleghan Central Alborz summits have same specifications.

Rising to Salbarf west face

From the top of Sefidab peak is about 4 k.m distance for going to the Siyakouh peak by talking on the ridgeline towards the east. But the route from Salbarf peak to ShahAlborz peak is very dangerous path. Because is in the north and west of ShahAlborz peak some landslip impassable rims which are very difficult to moving between them.

From Salbarf peak towards the west - Siyakouh, Sefidab and Khass peaks

From Salbarf peak towards the east - shahAlborz west face

According to, it is recommended that from the west face of ShahAlborz has been descend elevation about 300 m. or more until it is possible for climbing between landslip rims of the western south ridgeline to the east and ordinal way for rising to the ShahAlborz peak from Hasanjoon village.

In the top of the shahAlborz peak

From ShahAlborz peak towards the east - Tanoorkhan saddle and Sat peak

The more explanation and images about route of Souhan village (persian language) towards the peaks of Taleghan Central Alborz Summits, is in this site.
From Souhan village
to Malekhani valley
The Khass and Sefidab peaks The Siyakouh, Salbarf
and ShahAlborz peaks

In the shahAlborz peak towards east side

By: Hosein Zeinali

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